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report card :: Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky And Popeo (from betterlegalprofession.org)

female black hispanic asian lgbt
market partner assoc partner assoc partner assoc partner assoc partner assoc
Boston22.6% (B)45.4% (C)0.8% (B)0.8% (D)0.0% (F)2.3% (B)1.5% (B)4.6% (F)5.3% (A)5.4% (B)
Attrition among associates New!
market all associates female male minority white
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Select Show percentile rank in market to see where this firm ranks in comparison to all the other firms in this market on various measures of diversity. The height of the bar corresponds to the percent of firms in this market doing worse than this firm. Select Show as percent of best performing firm in market to see how this firm compares to the best-performing firm in this market. The height of the bar shows the difference between this firm's percentage and the best firm - for example, if this firm has 5% black partners and the best firm in the market has 10%, the bar for black partners will be at 50%.